All instruments performed by Marcelo Cervone
Music and lyrics by Marcelo Cervone
Produced by The Vone and Tom Hill
Recorded at The Bookhouse Studio, Bermondsey
Recording Engineer: Tom Hill
Mixing Engineer: Tom Hill
Mastered at Sunroom Audio Mastering
Mastering Engineer: Dan Coutant
Artwork: Marcelo Cervone & Alex Smissen


Break the world
Save yourself
Shout to the stars
Let them know who you are
You are

Time will tell you
All you need to know
I wait patiently
I won't let go
Won't let go

There are some
Who just want
You to run
In your fear
They control
Through your fear
They will rule
They rule

They just want to watch the world burn
They don't care about you and me
You'll see
You'll see
You'll see