The Voners Club

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Welcome Voners! My name's Marcelo Cervone and I'm here to welcome you to The Voners Club

I'm the lead singer, guitarist, saxophonist and composer of The Voneand I'm really excited to have you here.

We're currently working on a new album and we want you to join us on this journey.

By joining The Voners Clubyou'll get exclusive songs that aren't available anywhere else, early access to Vone releases months before all the other muggles, invites to Voners only events, and you even get to be part of our creative process, listening to unique versions of songs and works in progress.

The basic subscription at瞿1 per month covers all that!

But, explore the other subscriptions for additional goodies!

And remember tointroduce yourself to the rest of the vone around the world, by jumping on our Discord, which you'll also have access to once you join The Voners Club!

Ps: We'regoing to shake up the music industry in the years to come. World domination may not be imminent, but it isinevitable. So back us up on this epic journey and together we'll share more music and positivity with the world.

Rock on Voners!